Board of Directors Vacancies

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Brighton Fire Rescue District

NOTICE IS HEREBY given that two vacancies exist for the Office of Director of the Great Brighton Fire Protection District (the “District”). Two eligible electors of the District will be appointed by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) to the Office of Director until they or their successor are elected at the next regular special district election in May 2022.

An “eligible elector of the District” is an individual who is registered to vote in Colorado and is:

1. A resident of the District; or

2. The owner (or spouse/civil union partner of owner) of taxable real or personal property situated within the boundaries of the District; or

3. A person who is obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase taxable property within the District.

The Board is accepting Resumes and Letters of Interest from eligible electors of the District who desire to be considered for appointment to the Board. A Letter of Interest must include the following information:

1. Name of eligible elector as it appears in her/his voter registration record;

2. Address of residence and address of qualifying property if not a resident of the District;

3. Spouse’s name, if qualifying property is in spouse’s name;

4. Phone number;

5. Email address;

6. Reason(s) for interest in serving as a Director; and

7. Details of experience, training, education, and/or background that would bring value to the Board.


A Letter of Interest may be emailed to:

Dean Morris, Board President

Greater Brighton Fire Protection District

Letters of Interest must be received in the District Office no later than Friday, April 23rd, 2021 at 5:00 PM MST to be considered for this vacancy.

The Board will consider Letters of Interest received by the deadline at its Special Meeting to be held on April 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM at which time the Board may appoint eligible electors to the vacant positions, or take any other other action they deem appropriate in accordance with the law. The April 28, 2021 Special Meeting will be held at the Brighton City Hall, 500 S. 4th Avenue, 6th floor Brighton CO 80601.


By Dean Morris, Board President

View the official letter here.