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Fire Chief

The Brighton Fire Rescue District is here to proudly serve you and your family. Our mission is to positively impact those we serve through our professional service.  We value our community and are striving to find new ways to connect and serve everyone. 

Our people serve this community with the highest level of service.  The Brighton Fire Rescue District’s Fire Board of Directors is made up of local Brighton residents who care about your best interests. Together we continue to build out of our fire department to ensure we can serve you during an emergency. 

We are building a strong organization, better trained, and equipped to deliver emergency service to every home and business within our district when called upon. Our purpose remains to always be there to help our residents.

My Mission Statement as your Fire Chief: “I exist to Energize, Encourage, and Empower people, using positivity to remove perceived roadblocks so they can become the best version of themselves in service to their communities”.

As our community continues to grow, we focus on what we want to look like…our vision. That vision, simply stated, tells us, “To be a visionary Fire Dept where our people are valued, supported, and empowered to be servant leaders”. As the Fire Chief, “I envision our fire department as a team where we are inspired and fulfilled by our service.  A place where everyone is for our shared vision, each other, and those we serve.”

We are your community fire dept.  We love your support and encouragement to do the best we can to serve you.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make a positive impact.  We have a very special place here; the people of this community make this a great place to serve.

Thank you,

Brycen Garrison

Fire Chief

Brighton Fire Rescue

Mission, Vision & Values

We exist to positively impact those we serve through professional service

To be a visionary Fire Department where our people are valued, supported and empowered to be servant leaders


We value our relationship with our fire family and those we serve

We value honesty and ethics in all we do

We value facing challenges with strength, grace and humility

We value professional excellence

We value kindness and understanding

2024 Organizational Chart

History of Brighton Fire District

July 26, 1887

Brighton Became an Incorporated Town

The Town Council acknowledged the need for a fire department due to the rapidly growing population of the town. It is evident that fire  protection had been on the minds of many concerned businessmen and citizens for some time.

As records show, less than one year after the town incorporated, a committee from “The Fire Company” asked the Town Board for assistance in getting apparatus.

The town agreed to furnish a building should the Fire Company succeed.

January 1892

First By-Laws

A Hose Company, or Hose Team was immediately formed and the “Fire Company” was now a Fire Department, consisted of the Hook and Ladder Company and the Hose Company.

With the two companies, the Fire Department began holding regular meetings in rented room at the Town Hall beginning in January 1892. It was there that the first by-laws for the “Brighton Fire Department” were drafted.

It is interesting to note that originally the Hook and Ladder Company was set up as a more commercial type company with foremen and assistant foremen, as was the Hose Company two years later.

However, each of the two separate companies fell under the parent by-laws of the fire department when it was formally organized.


Present Fire District Established

In 1980, the City Council of Brighton and Rural District Board entered into a joint process evaluating the working agreement between the two entities. In a joint agreement, the two entities established the present Fire Protection District, a special district under Statutory Law within the state.

As a self-reliant District, the need for full time personnel quickly developed. Positions in
administration, fire prevention, and maintenance were added within the first two or three years of the District’s existence.

Present Day

Our Future Expansion

Several of our
city/counties approved the implementation of a development impact fee to the Fire District which will help the future expansion of our services.

Vestas America donated a parcel on land for the construction of a fire station in the north central portion of the District. In 2018, the District responded to 6,645 emergency calls.

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