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The Brighton Fire Rescue District has many distinct divisions handling unique aspects of fire protection for our community.

Fire Prevention

Identifying fire and life safety risks within the community and applying safety measures.


Carries out the primary functions, responding to a wide array of requests for services.

Fleet / Facility

Responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of all district vehicles and facilities.


Training and personnel development, health and wellness and safety of all members of the District.


Ensure proper handling of hazardous materials in the business and industrial communities.

Tech Rescue Team

Assisting our community with all matters related to the proper use and recover of technology.

Emergency Management & Notifications

Develop a comprehensive, all-hazards emergency management program

Wildland / Urban Interface

Helping mitigate and protect communities against grassland wildfires.


The Brighton Fire Rescue District offers many valuble services to our communities.

Reports, Codes & Permits

Providing all the necessary information about submitting and acquiring information related to Reports, Codes and Permits.

Smoke Detector

Valuable information regarding smoke detectors for your home and business.

Work Place Fire Safety

Information regarding commercial building code compliance.