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Roll In Ceremonies

Unofficial 2022 Board Election Results

The 2022 Board Elections took place Tuesday May 3rd, 2022 with the following UNOFFICIAL results.

Monthly Report – January

Brighton Fire Rescue District.

Monthly Report – December

Brighton Fire Rescue District.

Video Contest – Safety In the Kitchen

Scavenger Hunt

Join us on a fire safety scavenger hunt!
To play:

  • Download the Goosechase app
  • Search for our game at: 2020 BFR
  • Access Code: EZQEZV
  • The scavenger hunt will run from Dec. 21, 2020 through Jan. 4, 2021
  • Awards will be based on total points
  • Every team who completes the minimum number of missions and minimum points will be entered to win a meal delivered by a fire truck and a goodie basket of Brighton Fire items. Participants who complete every mission will also receive a small prize.
  • Minimum missions to complete: 12
  • Minimum points for completed missions: 7200
  • Max missions: 19
  • Max points: 8400
  • Questions: Contact Dawn Blunt at contest@brightonfire.org or 303.654.8043

Monthly Report – November

Brighton Fire Rescue District.

Smoke Alarm Videos

Public Safety Educator Dawn Blunt gives safety tips and important information on smoke alarms in this video series.

Monthly Report – October

Brighton Fire Rescue District.

Monthly Report – September

Brighton Fire Rescue District.